It’s not every day that you get the chance to stay in a place that someone built with their own two hands. Soranoma Indigo is one heck of a drive, being just past Cape Hedo at the most northern tip of Okinawa, but those who make the trek are rewarded with a very unique experience.

The owners of Indigo, who have lived in Okinawa’s most remote and undeveloped area for almost eight years, spent a full two years building Indigo. Everything was constructed with their own two hands, using completely locally sourced materials. And you can see how much time and care they have put into it; every piece of wood cut by hand, natural materials used everywhere such as the coral floor of the bathroom, and trees and gardens are an integral part of the layout. By the way, did I mention the private beach?

We only stayed one night, but the thing that I will never forget is the unbelievably dark sky in Kunigami at night. With literally no light pollution, I was absolutely stunned at the number of stars. You forget what the REAL sky actually looks like when you live in the city. But at Indigo, you can lay back and gaze in awe at what the sky is supposed to look like. What it looked like once upon a time. You don’t get to see it very often.

At Indigo you have two choices for accommodation. The cabin is the smaller one, being suitable for a couple (or three, if someone sleeps on a futon on the floor). The cottage has two double beds (maximum six people, using futons on the floor). The shower is located in a shower cabin which has an amazing handmade wooden sink, and the bathroom is also separate. At night, you need to use a flashlight to navigate the garden to get to the bathroom. Cool, right? Much more fun than your typical hotel.

Meals are served at the ‘swing bar’ next to the kitchen and the menu was also created using as many local ingredients as possible. Freshly caught fish, vegetables from Kunigami, and eggs from the yard fowl for breakfast.

Staying at Indigo is a true getaway. There is literally NOTHING nearby and you are way more than an hour’s drive from a convenience store, so I’d recommend bringing some snacks and drinks with you. The owners have no problem with you putting some cold Orion Beer in the fridge in the kitchen.

Currency: Yen only, no credit card

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