Yellow large mouthed fish

Yellow large mouthed fish

Summer is in full swing here on Okinawa and the diving is awesome.

If you’re not certified yet what are you waiting for? Reef Encounters is starting classes on a daily basis with no waiting list and classes can match any schedule. If you are already certified it’s time to get out and enjoy some diving. Summer is the perfect time to explore the many dive sites around Okinawa. The wide diversity of both shore and boat dive sites around Okinawa are unmatched anywhere in the world.

Starting from the south end of the island there is Channel Crevaces where dramatic drop offs and swimthroughs beckon the diver as turtles frolic along the reef. Gushikami castle site is another great southern dive spot. Moving to central Okinawa we have the Miyagi Coast dive sites better known as Sunabe seawall where soft corals abound and the nudibranchs are found in bunches. Just a bit further north we find Mizugama area where soft corals, rays and turtles are also found – and the occasional shark.

Continuing our northern journey we find the famous Maeda Point where if you look past the huge numbers of tourist snorkelers you will find hundreds of varieties of reef fish. Traveling further north we enter Onna area where dive sites such as Toilet Bowl and Apogama and Horshoe cliffs offer deep walls, great corals and some larger marine life. When the desire for something different grabs you it’s time to head to the other side of the island and explore Tengan Pier, or Kin Red beach where muck diving finds such rare critters as the mimic octopus, seahorses and rare mud loving gobies.

When walking your gear in from shore becomes a chore, sign up for one of Reef Encounters boat dives to the Keramas to swim with sharks, turtles and to explore the crystal clear waters found in these diverse islands. Looking for something closer to home? Explore the amazing coral formations found on the Pinnacles in Ginowan or the sea fans on a Kuef drift dive. No matter what grabs your fancy the dive sites of Okinawa will fascinate you for hundreds of dives. Remember the professional staff at Reef Encounters can recommend both beach or boat dives to suit your experience level and also find the critters you are looking for.