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Hamahiga Island

Often when you’re living in the crowded areas of Okinawa it’s hard to find someplace to catch your breath, think and not be bothered by a screaming airplane or helicopter or motorcycle or a beeping car. But just a short drive...

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Where to junk your car in Okinawa?

People are always asking where to take their car to junk it. Just bring your title and your recycle ticket, they will take care of the rest and you’ll walkway with the needed paperwork and some money. Then go to your insurance...

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Segafredo Coffee in Owan City

I needed an office space to do research for a project. I’m one of those that I can’t get anything done at the house… especially since my woodworking workshop is there. 😉 This location seems to be unknown as more...

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Mignon Bakery

We found a hidden gem of a bakery when we were out on our travels near San A Gushikawa. It’s no ordinary bakery! Check out the inside. If you’ve got little ones they’re going to love this place! Toys + Bakery =...

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