Remember the days when someone mentioned the word SEGA they were talking about a game? Well, not anymore! Club SEGA, the closest thing you can come to a theme park here on island, is a gigantic (I’m exaggerating just a smidge) game center with a Japanese twist. Unlike most arcades that you find back in the states, Club Sega allows you to enjoy arcade games while giving you a taste of Japanese culture.

As you enter, the first culture shock bombardment you’ll experience is the UFO catchers. Yep, I am talking about the CLAW CRANE MACHINES! Extending almost from wall to wall, there are a variety of prizes ranging from chocolate snacks to power banks. Be warned, they are highly addictive. They manage to make the prizes seem to almost drop to tease you thinking a slight push would do the trick. In reality, you could probably finish up a good 2,000 yen trying to win a Pikachu stuffed toy that you never really wanted in the first place. If you manage to make it past the crane machines, you enter the “token” area. Here you can find all kinds of game machines that require tokens to play, which is perfect for when you want to pass the time without the fear of developing a gambling addiction. Why you ask? The token games cater to experience the joy of gambling without actually involving money. The games include slot machines, race track horse betting, and the ever so popular pachinko. You can play until you run out of tokens or deposit your winnings in their token vault. Be careful when you go to the change machines because say, even if you unintentionally change your money to tokens, they cannot (by law) convert it back to money. If you are unsure, better ask one of the staff.

Bottom line, it is an absolute Saturday afternoon hoot! Bring the kids or chill with your special someone after dinner. It’s pretty hard to not have fun when you’re in a building literally filled with arcade activities to do. Club SEGA is very easy to find. It itself is being used as a landmark to give directions to other places. Located in Chatan’s Depot Island, you can get there by going first the giant Ferris wheel and look for the giant bowling pin on the roof of a building. Club SEGA is on the 1st floor.

They accept yen only

Opening Hours

10:00am-12:00mn (Everyday)

Club Sega

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