Shisa Dog against Blue Sky

Shisa Dog against Blue Sky

What to do on those cool Okinawa days when the beach season seems far away!

Okinawa can feel like there’s nothing to do when the long summer is still a few months off but there’s plenty to do to get you out of the house. Here’s our round up of ideas when it’s not yet time to hit the beach..

1. Go Diving
Okinawa is the ONLY place in Japan where you can dive all year round in a wetsuit. If you’ve been putting off diving until the summer then why not get out now!

2. Northern Okinawa
A visit to Northern Okinawa can make a great day out. There’s the Orion beer factory (Click Here) as well as the Churaumi Aquarium which is open year round. Pick up an annual passport for savings if you plan to visit more than once. (Click Here).

3. Monorail Tour
Why not jump on Okinawa’s only train for a tour around the Naha city area. Known as Yui Rail the line runs from the airport and finishes at Shuri Castle. There are stops close to Kokusai Dori as well as the Shin-toshin shopping district. Do some shopping along the way then finish up at Shuri castle for sightseeing (About 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride from the monorail station.

4. Underwater Observatory
The underwater observatory is located at the Busena Terrace Beach Resort past Onna and just South of Nago on Highway 58. Fee from 400 Yen for children to 1000 Yen for Adults (Click Here)

5. Museums
If you’re a fan of museums and art and want to learn more about Okinawa, then a visit to the Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum makes a great day out. Recently constructed they have many Okinawan exhibits and art. Located in the Omoromachi area of Naha. Entrance starts from a reasonable 300 Yen for adults. (Click Here)

From Total Okinawa Magazine February 2011