Moon Beach Resort: sun, sea and tranquility.

Moon Beach in Onna is a private hotel and resort. It has it’s own, sectioned off beach, and offers a wide variety of services. I actually visited for the day, but of course you can stay in the hotel itself. Here’s how it went.

The entrance is nestled between private housing, down a quiet street. It is signposted though, so not hard to find. A member of staff greets you, for a day pass you pay for each person and parking, it was 1500 yen altogether, so not bad. You get a brochure listing activities too, so you can size up what you fancy trying, if anything. We parked up and headed towards the hotel.

It’s beautiful. The hotel and resort buildings are set back, with an expanse of beach in front, so fantastic views. The beach is soft and almost white, the waters are crystal clear, with a section roped off for swimming. Before you dip your toes though, go say hi to their resident mermaid statue, she sits atop a rocky outcrop. Leave her a small yen gift, take some photos, and marvel at the crabs in the pools below, all tussling with one another.

I’d recommend taking towels, equipment like sun loungers and parasols are extra to hire. All activities are extra too, and vary in price, but they have jet skis, canoes, and lots of other water based activities to try. I wasn’t feeling too adventurous, so I decided to just relax.

After a stint of lazing on the beach and dipping my toes in the sea, it was time for food. They have several options, I went with the fast food counter just off the beach. Fried chicken, and it was delicious, washed down with a Matcha (green tea) milkshake. There’s also a few shops, and other parts of the resort (signposted near a big totem pole) has plenty more.

After food, I headed inside, where there were more shops, eateries and seating areas, as well as a small bank of tropical fish tanks, and a large pond with walkways in the middle. There’s also bathroom facilities. The shops were mostly souvenirs, but also clothing, essential items and one that offered you the chance to paint your own pottery, so great activity for kids.

Price wise, I thought the day pass was very fair, the food was reasonably priced, and the shops varied, so definitely something for everyone. Rooms vary in price, and the hotel website has a great list of packages, enabling you to choose what suits you best.

Whether you fancy a weekend away, or are in the area and have time to kill, Moon Beach is worth at least some of your time.

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