Located opposite Kadena gate 1, Pizza In is a take out and restaurant joint. Pizza lovers? Step right over, let me tell you about this neat little place.

First off, it’s multifaceted. Don’t want to sit in? Order and take out. They have a menu as well as a buffet, so if you fancy something more substantial, there’s that option too. However, I do love a good buffet, they had me at “all you can eat” really, so that’s the option I chose.

I’ll be honest, when I first walked in, the buffet area looked tiny and I felt a little twinge of disappointment, but I decided to give it a go. I’m very glad I did. Surprisingly extensive salad bar, selection of pasta dishes and a great variety of pizzas, teamed with a curry pot, steamed rice and soup, meant you weren’t likely to leave hungry. Did I mention “all you can eat”?

Food was really good, pizza and pasta was fresh, and topped up regularly. They had a good mix of meat and vegetarian, and by far my favourite was the taco pizza (ground taco mince smothered in cheese and sprinkled with salsa, amazing). The curry was good too, hearty and full of flavour. Salad tasted fresh too, lots of options, with 5 or 6 sauces to choose from. If there was one critique, it would be dessert. All that was on offer were little muffin bites, so if you have a sweet tooth you may find it a bit of a let down. However, these were really tasty, and if you want dessert badly, you could always check the main menu and pay extra.

Drinks were included, this consisted of soda, fruit drinks, water, iced tea, iced coffee, hot coffee, and slushy style drinks. The melon slushy was refreshing and delicious.

As far as facilities go, they have a bar for alcoholic drinks, bathrooms, and a lot of seating, so perfect for families or large groups.

Pricing for the buffet is very cheap, I only paid $11, including drinks. Other menu and take out is obviously more, but at such a low price it’s a good cheap eat.

Price: Buffet $11.00, take out and main menu varies.

Accepts: Cash only, yen and dollar.

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY   11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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