Summer Diving

Okinawa sealife

Okinawa sealife

As the summer kicks into full swing the diving just keeps getting better. The warm waters of the summer bring lots of marine life to Okinawa and the surrounding islands. The summer weather also allows for plenty of diving opportunities. As the beach dives of Sunabe Seawall and Maeda Point are crowded with the summer tourist divers, it means it’s time to explore the less dove sites around the islands. For beach dives you could head south to Channel Crevaces and Gushikami Castle, both great sites seldom visited by tourists. You can also head north to Onna to explore its many locations or even further north to Hedo point. These sites are less visited than the standard locations around the middle of the island and offer great diving. In addition, the calm waters of the summer allow most divers to safely explore them.

However, to truly escape the crowds it’s boat diving for sure! The summer allows boats to roam further and explore seldom dove sites including Aka-jima, Tonaki and others. This is also a perfect season for Rukan Atoll and other southern sites. The warm water is also a great time to increase that dive knowledge with a class or two. Contact the professional staff at Reef Encounters to get that advanced license, drift dive specialty or move on up to the professional ranks with a divemaster or instructor class. Technical diving is finally making its way to Okinawa and Reef Encounters staff can teach you the ins and outs of decompression or sidemount diving to further enhance your enjoyment of the underwater world.

As always when exploring new spots caution is key. The sites on the north and south of the island can have currents and conditions that can change quickly so check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Look for days with minimal tide changes, low wind and waves to explore new sites. If possible talk to others that have dove the site or bring a guide with you. We hope to see out exploring the ocean this summer!!