Kijimuna specialises in tacos and taco rice. You can find it on the third floor of Aeon Rycom’s Gourmet World food court. Turn right as you enter, you’ll find it next to Dragon Sweets.

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican, this may not be the place for you. It’s good, really good, fresh, lots of flavour, and good variety, but it’s really more Mexican with a Japanese twist. This isn’t a bad thing, just don’t expect it to taste like it came right out of Mexico.

I went with the taco rice and avocado on my visit, adding a small orange juice (soda is also available) for an extra 140 yen. It came out well presented, and quick, I waited barely 5 minutes. It was great; hearty, flavourful and filling, perfect for sating that post shop hunger.

In total I spent 1000 yen, this included a drink. Pretty good value for the amount of food I received.

Price: varies, but tacos start at around 400 yen.

Accepts: yen, credit card.

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 10:00 to 22:00


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