Learn from pro photographer Pete Leong of Fotoshisa Okinawa

Written by Louise Dupuy, Photos by Pete Leong

Couple in wedding dress under jungle canopy

Couple in wedding dress under jungle canopy

Stuck on trying to find a nice gift to send home to family, or have you run out of ideas for holiday photos? You’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with Pete Leong of Fotoshisa Photography to give you some neat ideas for great on island locations for the perfect snap. Don your ugly sweaters and check out one of the following places!

1. Bios on the Hill. 

Let’s start off with a slightly unusual place for a photoshoot; Bios On The Hill. With a 710 Yen entrance fee for adults, it won’t break the bank, and you’ll get a pretty backdrop.

2. Murasaki Mura.

Another place with a low entrance fee (500 Yen for adults), Murasaki Mura could be perfect if you’re wanting something “Japanese” looking. It’s a Ryukyu-period village that’s popular for crafts making. It was also was the backdrop for a period drama filmed in the 90’s called “Wind Of The Ryukyus”.

3. Gala Yomitan.

Lady in wedding dress at Zakimi Castle

Lady in wedding dress at Zakimi Castle

Home to a salt factory as well as a stunning beach with a pretty little wooden hut, it’s like something out of a travel brochure. Nothing says “I live on a sub-tropical island, enjoy the snow!” quite like a holiday photo next to the ocean.

4. Bise Village.

Home to a fukugi tree walk, it embodies serenity and calm. Want to encompass two different ideas? The ocean is visible at the end of the road, affording a spectacular milieu.

5. Zakimi Castle.

Last but by no means least is Zakimi Castle. With free entrance and a unique setting, you really can’t go wrong. Zaikai has a beautiful outlook too, allowing you to add more of Okinawa into the shot.
Ready to take some fun holiday photos? Pete has kindly offered a 20% discount on his services to our readers! You can also see videos of his work at his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doksik For more information, contact Pete on his website, email, or Facebook:

www.fotoshisa.com – [email protected] – facebook.com/fotoshisa

Couple in Wedding dress at Zakimi Castle

Couple in Wedding dress at Zakimi Castle