It’s no secret that curry is a popular dish on Okinawa. Indian restaurants are very prevalent here, so choosing a good one can be a bit of a minefield. Krishna Indian Restaurant may just have what you’re looking for.

Located in Plaza House Shopping Centre on the third floor, it’s deceptively more spacious inside than it’s exterior would have you believe. Walking through its doors, you’ll be greeted by an elegant Ganesha statue, as well as a comforting waft of incense (you can even purchase the incense; they accept yen cash only as payment). It’s a good start. Staff are polite and gracious, and you’ll be seated swiftly. If it’s quiet, you can choose where to sit; next to the window is a nice spot, you can watch the world go by as you enjoy your meal. Decor is quintessentially Indian, with lots of little hidden gems that are fun to spot. It has a relaxed, opulent feel.

This is all well and good, but how’s the food? In a word, spectacular. Cooked to order, it comes out fresh and hot off the stove, bristling with flavour and spice, and in generous portion sizes. The naan bread is easily the best I’ve had on island (and I go to a lot of Indian restaurants!). It has a softness that I really love, and it’s huge! You could share one easily, but honestly why would you? Order one for yourself! The menu is fairly extensive; they have some great curry options, and sets to help you keep the cost low. I opted for a chicken dopiaza; a sumptuous tomato based dish packed with chicken, onions, and simmered with just the right amount of garam masala, cumin, and coriander. I recommend this curry to anyone just trying Indian cuisine for the first time, because it’s not too overpowering but it gives you an idea of the depth of flavour you can expect from South Asia. Already a curry fan? I still recommend it! But maybe ramp the spice level up a little, so you get a kick to go with all the flavour.

As far as drinks go, they have a fairly standard selection. Soft, hot, alcoholic, and traditional Indian beverages can all accompany your meal. I’m a big fan of the lassi, a yogurt drink that often comes with fruit; the mango lassi is the best, if that doesn’t suit your palette, it’s also pretty tasty plain.

Access to the restaurant is really good, there’s lots of open spaces ideal for strollers and wheelchair users. They can also accommodate groups, but if you plan on dining on a weekend, it may be best to book in advance (you can call them here: 098-931-0885). They open for lunch 1130-1500, and dinner 1800-2300. They accept payment via yen cash and credit card.

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Mon – Sun 11:30 to 23:00

Krishna Indian Restaurant

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