This business has now closed. The review is kept here for archival

Perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion.

Nestled in the hills of Chatan, overlooking the sparkling turquoise-blue Okinawan water, is the delightful restaurant Lierre Blanc. Finding this restaurant up a long, narrow and winding path is half-the-fun, but with every obstacle comes a reward. Leaving the twinkling lights of American Village below, you’re sure to have a momentary feeling of arriving in the French Countryside.

The restaurant has an open kitchen and a beautiful selection of wines on display. Beneath the restaurant is a parking lot, with ample space (albeit tight maneuvering for larger vehicles). The menu varies but typical offerings are a beef, pork, fish, or pasta set. All are served with soup, salad, tea/coffee and dessert. The service was attentive and a short English menu was available. The salad arrived with a beautiful presentation of savory aspic of beef with chaud-froid, fresh greens with sprouts in a light vinaigrette and smoked salmon served with a cucumber yogurt. The cream of potato soup was a perfect complement to the entrée of seared fish. The fish was perfectly cooked- crisp and tender. The dessert was a decadent tiramisu with a homemade butterscotch gelato with raspberry compote.

Perched atop the hillside, Lierre Blanc is the perfect place to find excellent French cuisine in the heart of Okinawa. The restaurant is perfectly suited for a romantic dinner date or a place to celebrate a special occasion with a group. (A party menu is available.) Opening hours: 11:30-15:30, 1800-2300 (closed Monday.) Please note, the reservation policy is strict. Payment is accepted by credit card or Japanese yen. $$-$$$