This business has now closed. The review is kept here for archival.

Sometimes a man just wants a sandwich. It’s an indisputable fact of life. Recently I found myself in dire need of a sandwich; not just any sandwich would do though. I wasn’t looking for your run of the mill Subway sandwich; I was looking for something a little different, something with just a bit more flavor and crunch. I had heard of a small cafe known as “Subwing Cafe – Cuban Sandwich” and decided this would be my destination of choice.

The Subwing Cafe – Cuban Sandwich shop is located just off of the sea wall near the Ocean View Palace in Chatan. There is a sign along the seawall pointing you in the right direction, so you won’t pass by the side street that it’s on. Although it looks rather small from the street it is impressively roomy with dining either outside or inside. I chose inside and was greeted by the lovely hum of air conditioning, a nice break from the early summer heat. The staff were incredibly friendly and spoke English quite well.

After taking my seat I took a look over the menu and was pleased to find quite a few options for sandwiches and drinks. They even had Guava juice! It took about 10 minutes to get my sandwich and let me tell you…. it was delicious! The texture, crunch and presentation was just what you would expect a Cuban Sandwich to be. In comparison to other cafe’s it was also reasonably priced. I decided upon a small sandwich but after finishing wish I’d gone for the medium. Their guava juice was also reasonably priced with a decent portion size. It was fresh and has since been entering my dreams on a nightly basis. It’s a place I’ve already recommended to both American and Japanese folks.

They accept Visa, Mastercard and cash and also offer a delivery service (1500 yen minimum) and a take out option.

by J. Nieubuurt