In the heart of Ginowan we find the origin of the flying lady with the flute that is the symbol of the city. The stone tablets at the ancient well here at Morinokawa Springs tell the story of a goddess who was tricked by an Okinawan man to stay on earth to marry him. She was bathing and the man, intrigued by her beauty, hid her dress that allowed her to fly, asking her to become his wife. She had no place to go, no way to fly back into the sky.

She agreed and married him and gave birth to a son and a daughter. Her son became the first king of the Ryukyu kingdom in the 14 hundreds, the legend goes. One day the goddess was cleaning the house and she discovered her dress. As she put it on the goddess flew back to heaven.

Morinokawa Springs is a wonderful place to relive the tale. The ancient well and the beautiful forest invite to a nice stroll through the little park.

The well is located right by a gate where Okinawans believe the spirits of the dead pass through to visit their families at Obon. It’s a place of history and worship for the Okinawan natives.

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Morinokawa Springs

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Morinokawa Springs

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