"Ruff Spots" Okinawa Dog Friendly Places

“Ruff Spots” Okinawa Dog Friendly Places

“Ruff Spots” Dog Friendly Places on Okinawa

Written by Louise Dupuy
Photos by Louise Dupuy and
Pete Leong of Fotoshisa

Okinawa isn’t just a great place for humans; it’s fun for pets too! Especially dogs. Whilst there are too many great places to mention in one article, I’ve done a roundup of my top 5 favorite dog-friendly places.

Sunabe Seawall

This is a very popular spot for pooches. The wide boardwalk and close proximity to the ocean make it a great place to meet fellow dog owners and enjoy that beautiful sea view. Open at all times means it suits everyone from early birds to night owls.

Hearth Cafe

Conveniently located close to Sunabe Seawall, this doggy-friendly cafe is a nice spot to take a break and enjoy a meal. The menu isn’t huge, but they have a nice mix (including vegetarian and vegan) to suit all palettes. Their Loco Moco in particular is delicious. Your furry friend will be offered fresh water and shade, too.

Katsuren Castle

Looking for something a little more challenging? Katsuren Castle is a dog-friendly world heritage site with a beautiful outlook, steep inclines to get your heart pumping, and facilities such as parking, vending machines, and a shop. Please keep dogs on a leash at all times, and clean up any mess they make.

Comprehenshive Park

For lots of green space, Comprehensive Park can’t be beat. The size and peaceful grounds make it a nice place to enjoy with your dog. Whilst dogs must be leashed at all times and messes must be cleaned up, it’s still a pleasant place to while away an afternoon.

Baba Beach

A popular dog-friendly beach, this one allows your pup to dip their paws and enjoy the sand, unlike some beaches that forbid pets. Pack a picnic and enjoy; just be sure to take all mess away with you and clean up after your dog.

"Ruff Spots" Dog Friendly Places in Okinawa

“Ruff Spots” Dog Friendly Places in Okinawa