Located at the end of an ancient cobblestoned path that once led from Shuri Castle all the way to southern Okinawa, Sui Dunchi is a gorgeous traditional Okinawan house that serves up authentic Ryukyu cuisine with ingredients from its own farm.

When you enter the premises and walk through the gardens and courtyards, you feel like you’ve slipped back to the time when high ranking samurai once lived in this area. The house is almost entirely wooden, with the quintessential Okinawan red roof tiles. There are many different eating rooms, surrounded by gardens and ponds, and larger rooms for private parties can also be booked.

The owners of Sui Dunchi own an agu farm in the north, so their menu is quiteheavy on the pork, with lunch sets such as pork cutlet, oki soba, and goya chanpuru. There are, however, vegetarian options too, and one kids meal. They have an English menu for both food and drinks, some really yummy desserts, and the menu has pictures, which always helps.

After dining, you can amble through the garden to the restaurant’s private museums – one of which comprises entirely of bottles of Awamori, and the other is a mish-mash of memorabilia, such as traditional cooking and farming tools, cast iron irons, tofu containers, bento boxes, and even a war time gas mask.

And, if the gorgeous surroundings, delicious local food and free museum wasn’t enough to satiate your senses, then be sure to take a walk up the Shurikinjo cobble stone street to explore the ancient path. You can see what life was like hundreds of years ago, and come across wells and watering holes, old houses, and tiny gardens. If you walk the entire path, it takes you to Shuri Castle. Not recommended if you are wearing high heels!

Payment: Credit cards, yen only

by Emily Dickson

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Sui Dunchi

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