Carnivores, this place is not for you. But if you are a vegan, then Detox Cafe Felicidad is a little piece of heaven.

With dishes like a Super Salad Rice, Raw Food Lunch, Veggie Bibimbap, and Acai Bowl, the lovely little Detox Cafe Felicidad promises an incredibly healthy meal in a peaceful and quiet setting.

The owners of Detox Cafe believe in making fresh food completely free of any animal products.  Despite the lack of all that yummy animal fat, when you open the door and walk inside, you will be amazed by the delicious smell of herbs, spices, fresh baked goods such as muffins and gluten free scones.

Being a bit untrusting of any meal that is 99% vegetable, I ordered the curry which came with brown rice and fresh salad, and was amazed by how flavourful it was. And it was just the right amount too – after the meal I did not feel bloated or, the opposite, totally starving. I also picked up a few sugar-free and gluten-free cookies and goodies to take home, and my child did not reject them, which is surely a good sign.

Detox Cafe has quite a varied menu with items such as the tofu sandwich, which is made with their own fresh bread, and the fruit popsicles are made out of soy-milk yogurt and contain berries. In the background you can hear the whir a blender making smoothies with fruits and vegetables grown in Itoman. The detox ice cream contains no sugar, and instead of eggs, butter and milk, their baked goods are made with wheat flour, organic nuts, rapeseed oil, and brown sugar miso, to name a few of their ingredients.

This quiet cafe is located in a quiet neighborhood on the riverfront of Itoman. It is also family friendly as they have a kids menu, baby chairs, and books and toys to play with.

Opening Hours

Mon, Fri, Sun  :  None
Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat  :  10:00 to 17:00

Detox Cafe Felicidad

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