For the fourth year Olive of Shalimar Olive House represents Italy in Okinawa with its event for the circuit “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” on the occasion of World Week of Italian Cuisine.

Gabrio Dei will be our Chef in collaboration with the Chef and Sommelier 武博仁, therefore, come visit us!!

Our Event is sponsored by the Italian Government and is a world wide occasion for selected restaurants or business to represent Italian food products, excellences and cuisine tradition. This is the forth year we are admitted to represent Italy in Okinawa, and every year our event has a different Theme. This year the theme is what we called “food therapy” or as you can eat healthy and get healthy through food.

Gabrio Chef will propose a menù of about 11 different dishes all of which are based on a wild herb traditionally used in Italian historical cuisine and with scientific recognised medical properties (i.e. chamomile, laurel, rose, melissa, borage, nettle and others). Olive Of Shalimar will present its extra virgin olive oil and balsamic that will be used in the dishes of our Chef.

We will have speeches about oil history and beneficial properties in comparison with other oil and about herbalism, traditional and modern

The event will be held in Jinbunkan conv. center in Uruma City Kawasaki 468, the 23th November. The entrance and tasting is all free.