Tiger Honpo is one of over 80 eateries to be found at the sparkling new Aeon Mall. You can find it in on floor 3F, in the Rycom Gourmet World.

The food is Chinese Deli style. They have a couple of menus, but on my visit I went with the tray dish, which gives you a choice of either rice, noodles or half and half (100 Yen extra), then the choice of two main dishes. I went with rice, sweet and sour chicken and pork, chili and aubergine.

I also ordered a side of five gyoza for an extra 360 Yen. For anyone unfamiliar, gyoza is a steamed dumpling brimming with meat and vegetables. Five gyoza is pretty generous for the price, and they aren’t small (a little over the size of a boiled egg). Although they are dumplings, they aren’t stodgy in the way western dumplings are. They are light and full of flavour. These especially were juicy and delicious. If you haven’t tried, give them a go here.

The rest of my meal was equally good; you get a good portion size. The sweet and sour chicken was divine, not too overpowering. And the pork, chili and aubergine was my favourite part of the meal. I like a bit of kick to my food, but it wasn’t so spicy you couldn’t taste it.

As for drinks, you can get soda, juice, and they also stock beer. Value for money is good, and as I mentioned before portion sizes are fair. It’s worth a look if you only go to try gyoza for the first time!

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MONDAY – SUNDAY  10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Tiger Honpo

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