Departure lounge at Naha International Airport

Departure lounge at Naha International Airport

Thinking of a trip out of Okinawa? We’ve rounded up the latest travel news and tips.
Now that the new international terminal is open, flying internationally from Naha is now a much more pleasant experience.  There’s also a wider choice than ever, with more low cost airlines including Vanilla Air and for the first time low cost airline international flights (Peach Air serving Taipei from Naha).

Airport Tips
– Parking is worse than ever. If you want to drive consider using Honest Parking (Search: “Honest Parking” book in advance esp. during Summer) or if able, park at Kinser and get a taxi. There’s a lack of parking off airport as a backup plan, so at peak times don’t chance being able to park.

– If you’re flying with either Peach or Vanilla be aware that both these airlines being part owned by ANA, depart from the cargo terminal and you CANNOT walk or drive there. The bus leaves from the arrivals level and is well signposted but allow extra time for the transfer.

– This also applies to Peach international. Their flights to Taipei also depart and arrive in the cargo terminal and you’ll clear customs and immigration there NOT the new International terminal.

– If you prefer to use the main terminal, but want to fly with a LCC (Low Cost Carrier) then Jetstar make a good alternative as they use the main terminal building.

New Routes
If you’re looking for somewhere different to go then there’s more choice than ever from Okinawa. Internationally, there are now between 2-3 flights daily to Hong Kong with Hong Kong Airlines and Dragonair.

If you feel like a visit to Korea, then both Jinair and Asiana have direct flights. For even closer to home, Taipei is only just over 1 hour flying time from Okinawa and Peach Airlines have low cost flights direct. Sign up for their newsletter to get sale bargain fares.

Staying within Japan, Peach have low cost flights from Okinawa to Ishigaki for often just a few thousand yen.

Best Fares
If you’re looking for a bargain sign up for the Jetstar and Peach newsletters and get early access to special fares that often only last a few hours!