Okinawa is not all just beach beach beach, though we have to admit with the selection of beach activities on the island it is tempting to plot a course from sand castle to sand pit. Sometimes though whether it's weather or you're tired of finding sand two weeks later other kids activities are needed. Total Okinawa is here with our top 5 kids activities and places to visit on island.

Churaumi Aquarium

No guide to places to go with children in Okinawa is complete without mentioning THE aquarium. If you haven't been yet, why not? Hands down it's the #1 place to enjoy both as a parent and child this spring and summer. The main draw is the Kuroshio sea tank, one of the largest in the world with a view of a giant whale shark and massive manta rays. Book a table at the cafe on the side of the tank for a "wow" experience for your little ones as they watch the sealife go by while they eat. Apart from the main tank, the aquarium features a wide variety of sea creatures showcasing much that can be found in the waters around Okinawa.

After you've finished with the indoor aquarium then you're not done yet! Outside you can find dolphin shows showcasing their amazing intelligence and agility as well as turtle and manatee tanks with underwater viewing, there's even a baby manatee that has recently been born. It's also not all about the sea life with the "Tropical Dream Center" nearby which features over 2000 orchids and tropical plants offering a blast of color which children will love and will educate them on tropical biodiversity and preserving these ecosystems.

Pineapple park

Close to the aquarium the Pineapple Park is another hit to keep the little ones entertained. There's a short tour around the small pineapple fields and then you follow a route through tropical walkways with a buggy ride through the park. This is definitely the highlight if you have small children as they can pretend to drive the car. There's raised walkways with tropical plants, orchids anda nice area with butterflies. If your kids love dinosaurs then there's a somewhat strange addition of a dinosaur exhibit at the end. It's probably worth about a half day of your time unless it's peak season as there's extensive pineapple themed shopping and a distillery and probably not something you'll spend much time and money on with children at the end.

Team Lab Future Park

We struggled how to describe this one, it's an amazing indoor space. Part educational, part play and part stunning visuals. It's a permanent installation at DFS in Omoromachi and has some amazing activities for kids.

There's a long indoor interactive slide which changes the animation as you collide with bouncing fruit, yep we know it sounds weird, the website has some great videos.

One of the best features which our children loved was the ability to draw their favorite sea creature on paper, pass it to the staff and then watch as it comes to life and swims across the wall instantly! Very cool, this is magical even for adults.

The whole installation is filled with interactive colors, lights and images which are quite wonderous especially for young children. Tickets in advance are required and we recommend looking at the website here for photos & videos of what to expect:

Okinawa Zoo & Museum

The Okinawa Zoo & Museum in Okinawa City is something of a hidden gem. How often have you driven past the sign and never been in? It's a very well design and landscaped park with a huge variety of animals for Okinawa, over 150 species and also a kids interactive museum. Read our full review here:

Round 1

Round 1 in Ginowan is the perfect indoor activity for rainy days or just to escape the Okinawa summer heat. There's a lot on offer here including karaoke and arcade machines but the main draw are the 90 minutes, 3 hour or unlimited activity times.

Activities include play as much as you like arcade games (shoot em ups, beat em ups, racing games, dance stages, ball games, kids games, etc.), dart boards, mini bowling (a lot of fun with children and groups), roller skating rink, tennis, basketball, karaoke, billiards, rodeo bull (I know!) and a small kids ball pit and play area. There’s also food and drinks available, simply use yen to purchase a food/drinks ticket from the machine and show the staff at the food counter. Read our full review along with map and photos here: