If you need legal services and advice in Okinawa then we thoroughly recommend Yui Law Office. They have English speaking lawyers on staff who can help with anything from commercial disputes to traffic accidents.

Yui Law Office was founded by Tadakatsu Nakayama in 2005, with a clear mission of assisting people in need. Chigako Hayashi joined the office in 2014, followed by Akifumi Matsuzaki in 2015.

Their combined, extensive experience in legal matters and comprehensive knowledge of Japanese laws, enables them to advise you on the most efficient way to deal with your legal issues and give you a realistic expectation of the outcome. They are committed, responsive and diligent in undertaking their duties to their clients and have experienced paralegals on staff to assist with your case. They maintain a healthy relationship with an extensive network of experts which is often invaluable in solving disputes.

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Yui Law Office

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