Japanese Classes at YML

YML Japanese Class

If you're looking to begin studying Japanese or improve then check out the attachment above for classes at YML in Chatan close to Araha beach.

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The Big One! Curry Challenge!

A-Danny Curry ChallengeWe spotted this challenge to eat 3.8kg of curry at A-Danny Indian restaurant in Chatan. We weren't brave enough to try ourselves but if you are let us know on our Facebook page how you got on! You can get a free meal (or should that be meals) AND 10,000 yen!

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Okinawa School Roundup

Sunset Photo Collage5 schools in Okinawa that make the grade

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Total You – Back to School

Arrows hitting targetAre you an adult getting ready to go back to school? Whether it's managing classes, organizing your schedule, or breaking the habit of procrastination, going back to school can be stressful for adult students. These seven tips can make it easier and hopefully provide some encouragement and motivation for your journey. 

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KOS Hairdressing

10 Percent Discount

KOS Hairdressing SignIf you're looking for an international standard hair salon in Okinawa for either men or women then it can be difficult to find. There are probably hundreds of hair salons for women with varying degrees of English. Then there are the cuts for men which range from local barbers for a quick buzz cut with no English required. I've personally put off getting a decent cut and some color to hide the grey because I couldn't find a men's salon with decent English and therefore a consultation on the best cut and color to have. A common complaint among female friends has been that even if they find a salon with good English and staff it takes hours because of the Japanese practice of working on several people at the same time.

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Come on in: The Water’s Fine!

Come On In The Water's Fine CoverJust when you thought Summer ws over, okinawa’s weather continues to be hot, sticky, and sweaty.

There are 3 ways to survive the island’s onslaught of heat and humidity:

1. Stay indoors and crank up the air conditioner. (This is costly.)

2. Abandon the island altogether, and travel to a destination with a much cooler climate. (Also expensive.)

3. Throw on a swimsuit, and jump in the water! (What are you waiting for?)

Don’t just be a beach bum–take advantage of the island’s offerings and try something a little more active (and, dare we say it, more fun). We’ve rounded up some of Okinawa’s most popular water activities, and point you in the direction of where to go to try it yourself. So, really, what else are you waiting for? Rub on some sunscreen, and dive in!

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Dope Tattoo Studio

Dope Tattoo First-class sanitary conditions tattoo shop now open in Sunabe! English speaking staff available anytime.
Varity of tattoo artists to pick! Walk-ins are always welcome! They take credit cards.

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Shakey’s Pizza Parlor

Shakey's PizzaIt’s a bar, a pizza buffet, and a salad bar, but how does it measure up?
Shakey’s, like A&W, today seems to enjoy much more success and popularity with its overseas restaurants than in its original, competitive American market.

The restaurant is primarily a pizza buffet of the thin (but not crispy) crust variety. Pasta, other sides, and drinks are also included in the cost, which is just over ¥1,000 per adult. Continue Reading…

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Sushi at HamazushiDespite having 66 tables, Hamazushi on 58 gets crowded fast, and you have to get there even before they open at 11 or else wait a while for a table. Hamazushi, the newest sushi-go-round restaurant in Chatan, is extremely popular, and here’s why: it’s a great value, there are lots of menu items to choose from, and it caters to both Japanese- and English-speaking customers. Knowing a few tips will make your first experience go smoothly.

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Nepal Spice Kitchen – Kasthamandap Curry House

Nepal Curry SetAfter several recommendations from friends, we decided to check out Nepal Spice Kitchen – Kasthamandap Curry House at its Chatan location, to see what the fuss was about. There’s also a location in Urasoe. Just a block from Camp Foster’s commissary gate, Kasthamandap houses about nine tables covered with bright tapestries, and is decorated with murals, chandaliers, and punched metal wall hangings. Continue Reading…

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