CC’s Chicken & Waffles

CC's Chicken & Waffles Set PlateThe latest unique and delicious addition to Sunabe's restaurants

We always like to see new restaurants that introduce unique flavours and products to Okinawa and CC's  Chicken & Waffles certainly fits the bill.

They're located in Sunabe along the seawall on the ground floor below an apartment building. The restaurant itself has around 5-6 tables with some large enough for big groups as well as a bar area that the owner tells us will be available soon in the evenings.

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Asian Dining Bar A-Danny

A Danny Sizzler PlateIgnore the name – it's a great Indian restaurant!

With quite possibly the most confusing name for an Indian restaurant we had been avoiding this place because we weren't sure what to expect. The name conjurs up images of maybe a bar with small snacks but in fact although it does have a bar, it's actually a very good Indian restaurant.

Walking in we were surprised to find a tastefully decorated restaurant with hanging curtains, wall art and a fake tiled roof above the booths arranged around the sides of the restaurant. This gives a wonderful feeling of privacy and comfort whatever group size you are dining with. 

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Tanbo Festa

Check out the 7th annual Kin town Tanbo festa coming on 5th July in Kin Town. Great fun for the kids!

Tanbo Festa

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The Hilton Hotel Lunch Buffet

Plate of food at Hilton Lunch Buffet, ChatanGet the royal treatment and all you can eat, too!

The lunch buffet is on the first floor, just to the left of the entrance.  We were seated right in front of the window with a stunning view of the Chatan harbor. The buffet itself is so big that the distance to the end and your table is quite far; I almost feel like you shouldn’t feel any guilt because you are burning calories walking back and forth. The restaurant is spotless and so clean. Everything looks perfectly organized and well designed. 

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Key’s Cafe

Key's Cafe ChatanThe latest addition to the growing coffee shop chains

Everyone in the world knows Starbucks and if you’ve been in Okinawa for any length of time you also know Climax Coffee. Now, there’s a new cafe in a similar style on the block, Key’s Cafe located on Route 58 opposite Camp Foster.

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Western World

Western World Bar & Grill

Western World Logo

Western World is now open on Friday & Saturday from 6pm. Friday features Salsa night with a $5 cover including one free drink for ladies and Saturday is Country night with the same cover and free drink. There's a happy hour from 6-8pm with beer for only $3 and no cover! They also have a special dinner menu from 6-8pm.

89-2 Kaneku, Kadena, Okinawa, Okinawa 904-0205

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Sparkle Clean

Sparkle Clean LogoSparkle Clean is Okinawa's premiere professional commercial and residential cleaning service. Sparkle Clean focuses on quality and customer service.

Services include:

– House Keeping, Janitorial, PCS/Move-Out
– Carpet, Furniture & Mattress Steam Cleaning
– Specialty Cleaning such as Fine Rug (wool, silk, cotton) Washing, Leather Cleaning, & Drapery Dry Cleaning
– Auto Interior Detailing
– Stain Removal, Pet Odor & Allergy Treatment, Carpet Re-Dye

Tel: 080-6497-1826

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June & July Magazine Out Now!

Total Okinawa June Magazine CoverThe latest issue of the magazine is available to read online now. This issue featuring:

– Fujiya

– Dive Report

– AEON Mall

– Total You

– The Gucamole Burrito Truck

Want to pick up a copy? It's available in the Kadena USO & AMC Terminal as well as many off base restaurants and local businesses. Click HERE to read online.

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docomo Chatan

DoCoMo Chatan LogoNTT docomo has many shops all over Okinawa and you can often find English speakers in locations around the center of the island and close to bases. The one we recommend is located on Highway 58 opposite Camp Foster. They've just renewed their website and now feature the latest phones and special offers online so you can check out what they offer before you visit. Links below…

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Back to School… Adult Education in Okinawa

Adult Education in Okinawa ArticleIf you’re finding yourself with some time on your hands in Okinawa having done all the tourist attractions, why not spend some time exercising your brain with some adult education.

Just because you’re in Okinawa it doesn’t mean your options are limited.

We’ve rounded up the main state side universities that offer courses in Okinawa as well as some specialized IT training options and choices for distance learning that you can study no matter where you are in the world.

No more excuses! Start learning today!

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