Backblaze LogoWhen we first arrived in Okinawa, we did what everyone else probably does and if we did entertain the idea of backup, it was on a local hard disk. Then it occurred to us that with all the natural events in Japan, earthquakes and typhoons in particular in Okinawa, but also tsunami, it made more sense to have a backup of all our photos and personal docs that wasn’t in Okinawa.

So we installed several different options but they all sucked, they were either too slow because we were in Okinawa or alternately they froze up the computer when backing up. Then we found Backblaze. We only ever recommend businesses we truly love, and this is one of them. The install on your PC is small and once it’s running you can basically forget about it. You can also set the upload speed so it doesn’t take over your other downloads. The third thing that sold us, is that it’s truly unlimited. Some backup services that were supposedly unlimited before have now started introducing limits. Backblaze have re-committed their support to being truly unlimited recently.

Finally it’s a true bargain at $5 a month or $50 a year and if your hard drive does get blown away they’ve got some different options on a recovery download or they’ll even ship you a hard disk with your files.