Holiday season is upon us, and we know that thoughts drift to our loved ones back home. Let’s break with tradition this year, and send home some of the more interesting gifts that can only be found in Japan, We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite quirky Japanese presents that are bound to amuse and delight everyone on your shopping list. We hope you enjoy and are inspired!

Hamburger Stacking GameHamburger Stacking Game

Where to buy: Don Quijote in Ginowan
Cost: 2410 yen

This is a very Japanese twist on the popular stacking game Jenga, except the aim is to build a delicious looking hamburger without it crashing down around your ears. It’s a great way for  the whole family to pass time when you’re finished with dinner or locked in because of a storm.


Flavored Kit KatsFlavoured Kit-Kats

Where to buy: Don Quijote Village
Cost: From 198 to 358 yen, depending on pack size

This is a pretty popular candy here. A wide variety of flavours (including green tea, sakura and cheesecake) adds a delicious twist on a traditional favourite. They’re perfect for that special person with a sweet tooth back home! Flavours vary and can be seasonal, so these are a great year-round gift.


Floating Jellyfish LightFloating Jellyfish Light

Where to buy: Tokyu Hands in San-A by Round One
Cost: 780 yen for small to 1200 yen for large

Cute little floating ambience lights are a perfect gift for that stressed out work-a-holic. Run a bath, throw in some bubbles, put a peaceful playlist on, dim the lights and enjoy a soak with your adorable new light-up friend.


Petit Steamer Animal CookwarePetit Steamer Animal Cookware

Where to buy: Japan Tax Free Shop, next to American
Depot in American Village, Mihama
Cost: 1200 yen each

This one is a treat for the foodies: they’re little crock pots in the shape of animals. Is the chef in your life also a cat lover? Kill two birds with one stone! They’re a great price, and a reasonable size. Jamie Oliver himself will be jealous!


Remote control Mario KartRemote Control Mario Kart

Where to buy: Village Vanguard Shop on 2nd Floor by Daiso in Aeon City Mall, American Village, Mihama
Cost: 3980 yen each

We didn’t forget the gamers in your life! Give them a break from the console and allow them to indulge in a real game of Mario Kart around the house with this cool remote control Mario Kart toy. It’s sure to be endless fun (and headaches for the pets, no doubt).


Mimi Pochi PurseMimi Pochi Purse

Where to buy: Japan Tax Free Shop, next to American
Depot in American Village, Mihama
Cost: 1296 yen each

It’s no secret that many girls love purses and shopping, so why not make that a cute experience with a mimi pochi? It’s a sweet little coin purse, good for keeping all that loose change in check, and these have shisa dog faces, so you can guarantee her friends won’t have that back home! They come in a range of colours too, allowing for colour coordinating, too! Perfect!

Quirky Japanese Gifts Article

Quirky Japanese Gifts Article