Double Dip Day at Blue Seal

Mark your calendars! The 10th and the 20th of every month is ice cream day! All day is Double Dip Day at Blue Seal! Three scoops of your favorite ice creams for the price of one!

Foremost Blue Seal is a Japanese ice cream chain that started out as an American diary supplier for the American military after the war. Over the years Blue seal specialized in selling ice cream here on Okinawa and is loved by so many in Japan for their wide range of different dessert specialties.

The sweat and milky ice cream can be enjoyed in many flavors. Whether you like the traditional chocolate or vanilla flavors or somewhat exotic choices like the bright purple Okinawan sweet potatoe, the creamy and bold Ryukyu Royal milk tea kind, the refreshing Salt cookie flavor or soft Cheesecake ice cream, Blue Seal has it all!

As a European I have tried many Italian ice creams and gelatos but Blue Seal ice cream is quite different. It is richer in taste and thicker in consistency than the typical Italian ice cream. The taste is also a lot stronger and sweeter, which sends your taste buds on an incredible roller coaster ride. Especially Blue Seal’s salt cookie ice cream was a new experience for me, since I had never tried salty ice cream before. But this kind was so addicting that it quickly became my favorite kind.

Double Dip day is the perfect opportunity to explore Blue Seal’s ice cream heaven and to go for that interesting island flavor you have been eying at your last visit!

by Annabell

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