Soup so nice, they named it twice!

This is certainly the case for this restaurant hidden in the 2nd floor of a furniture store. Whether you are just feeling lazy to move your jaw, or have the sniffles, or just want to try something new, Soup Soup is the place for you. They serve multiple different types of soups from Minestrone to beef stew, and also have a pretty good Japanese style curry dish. When my wife and I went there for the first time, I had the beef stew and curry combo, which was perfect for me because I like my soups thick and strong in flavor. The soups are served with your choice of rice or bread but to my surprise, the bread in the set menu, is all you can eat! (That’s right, I said it!)  They have an assortment of about 6 breads with 1 specialty bread that they charge a little extra per bread but still not a bad deal.

The place is complete with extra virgin olive oil for dipping and some jellies and also allows you to use toasters to heat up your bread. In my opinion, they could have called this place Soup Soup Bread Bread because the bread is just as much the star as the soup. The atmosphere is more of a Café setting than a restaurant so it does have its selection of cakes, teas, and coffees. Price range won’t break the bank since it comes at about 1200 yen for the 2 soups with salad, drink, and bread set. 1 soup without the set will cost you about 450 to 600 yen. The restaurant is called Soup Soup and is located on the 2nd floor of Living Design Square Awase in Okinawa city along Route 329. Some people may also know this place as OK Furniture.

Yen and Creditcard only

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Mon – Sun :10:30 to 20:00

Soup Soup

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