Where to find a good quality burgers on Okinawa? Let me introduce you to an alternative to the usual fast food burgers. If you visit Nago up north, stop by one of two Captain Kangaroo Burger places. Oh, I love their burgers! I have traveled much and also tried many burgers, but this place tops all of them.

The owner travelled all the way to America to study how to make the perfect burger before opening his store. Today, Captain Kangaroo invites you in a relaxing atmosphere to the best burger and fries experience of your life. The place is always packed out, so make sure you arrive before the lunch rush hour time. Every customer can relax on the big couches while enjoying their burgers. They even do take-out if you don’t have time to stay.

From Vegetarian Avodcado Tomato burgers, Hot sauce dripping Mexican burgers, BBQ, Teriyaki or even Fish burgers, Captain Kangaroo has it all. Even Sandwiches and Taco Rice are served here. You can also choose between wedges, hash browns or fries for a side dish and order a drink if you like. My absolute favorite is the juicy Sparky Burger, which is crowned with onion rings and crunchy bacon on top of their delicious patty. All burgers without exception are incredibly flavorful.

The prices range from 700 to 1300Yen per burger set but it is so worth it. Captain Kangaroo is known for their good taste, so come and experience it yourself!

Opening Hours

MON, TUE, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN –  11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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