There is more to a brewery restaurant than just simple beer battered fish n’ chips. Chatan Harbor Brewery provides one of the most interesting dining experiences on the island. Aside from being a full functioning bar and brewery, they provide a wide variety of good food and provide a spectacular sea view. But, lets focus more on the food.

The restaurant has a big dining area with its brewing tanks dead center as you enter through the main doors. Initially, it may seem a bit fancier than it actually is but no worries, it’s just as casual and welcoming as the next. The food is mainly western style dining focused on fish and meat dishes including some interesting pizzas and pastas. They also have some interesting twists in some traditional Okinawan dishes such as Goya champuru. I personally tried the lamb chop and it was awesome. I prefer my lamb dishes simple with just salt and maybe some mint jelly on the side which is not easy to find in Okinawa. For dessert, they have traditional Okinawan sweets and some traditional western cakes. Obviously, Chatan Harbor Brewery wouldn’t be complete without its beer (it is a brewery after all). They have different types of brew and they offer a sampler that allows you to taste each from a shot glass. Make sure to drink responsibly. Price-wise it is a bit above average but well worth it. Main dishes can reach around 2000-3000 yen. Foodie tip: if you want to try a cheaper option, I recommend you ask for the bar menu. The dishes will be more on the bar-meals side but still just as delicious.

Chatan Harbor Brewery is most definitely a must visit while on the island. It is ideal for fancy dates but can also be a typical dine in for the family. Directions to the brewery is very straight forward. Go for the giant ferris wheel in depot island and head towards the ocean. When you get to the boardwalk, head towards the northern end. The restaurant is at the end corner next to the yachts.

Business Name: Chatan Harbor Brewery (Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link:

Tel#: 098-926-1118


They accept yen and Creditcards

Opening Hours: 5:00pm-11:00pm (Everyday)