Come On In The Water's Fine Cover

Come On In The Water’s Fine Cover

Just when you thought Summer ws over, okinawa’s weather continues to be hot, sticky, and sweaty.

There are 3 ways to survive the island’s onslaught of heat and humidity:

1. Stay indoors and crank up the air conditioner. (This is costly.)

2. Abandon the island altogether, and travel to a destination with a much cooler climate. (Also expensive.)

3. Throw on a swimsuit, and jump in the water! (What are you waiting for?)

Don’t just be a beach bum–take advantage of the island’s offerings and try something a little more active (and, dare we say it, more fun). We’ve rounded up some of Okinawa’s most popular water activities, and point you in the direction of where to go to try it yourself. So, really, what else are you waiting for? Rub on some sunscreen, and dive in!

The Water's Fine Article

The Water’s Fine Article


Not only does Okinawa have some of the most amazing dive sites and reefs in the world, but it’s also incredibly inexpensive to get dive certified here. Where to learn: Reef Encounters


You can easily explore Oki’s reefs and sea life closer to the ocean’s surface by snorkeling. It’s both inexpensive, and no certification or supervision is necessary. Just grab your mask, snorkel, some flippers, and perhaps a life jacket, and you’re set! Best snorkel spots: Maeda Flats, Odo Kaigan

Surf & Windsurf

There’s no cooler water sport than surfing, and you can practice catching waves right off Okinawa’s shores! For an added twist, put some wind in your sails and try windsurfing! Learn to surf: Happy Surfing Okinawa Learn to windsurf: Popolo Point


Less intense than surfing, paddleboarding offers a way to peacefully explore Okinawa’s waters. Whether you kneel or stand up on the board, it’s a great core workout, too. Practice Paddleboarding: Natural Surf Okinawa


For a fun water sport that’s more family friendly, kayaking is a great option with little learning curve. Rent a couple kayaks and race, or set up a guided tour to scope out some of the island’s gorgeous scenery, and maybe catch the sunset, too. Where to start your kayak tour: Padaloha

Chase Waterfalls

Whether or not you’re a “land lubber” by heart, Okinawa’s waterfalls are a must-see. Throw on your water boots and hike through Okinawa’s hills to find some of the best photo opportunities on island. Best waterfall hikes: Hiji Falls, Tadake Falls