Scuba diver exploring reef

Scuba diver exploring reef

The dive season is in full swing and the folks at Reef Encounters are ready to get you in the swing of things. As you dust your gear off make sure to do a complete function check on all your vital equipment:-

– Check the intermediate pressure on your first stage – should be between 135-145psi – Inspect mouthpieces and diaphragms on your second stage for holes and wear

– Inspect all hoses for cracking and wear. Remember to look under those hose protectors

– Inflate your BC and check for leaks, also your inflator should be functioning smoothly – Check a BC and connection to inflator

– Inspect all straps and buckles on your fins and mask for wear – If there is any doubt of the condition of your gear bring it by Reef Encounters for one of our professionals to check it for you.

After ensuring that your gear is in top shape – it’s time to make sure those rusty dive skills are back in tune. Remember the basics – plan your dive and dive your plan. Ensure that you are looking at your dive table or computer for planned maximum depth and time and discuss a gas management plan with your buddy to include an agreed upon turn pressure and minimum air to end the dive. Review entries and exits for your chosen dive site and start with some easy dives to get back in the swing of things. Review basic skills with your buddy – mask clearing, regulator recovery and sharing air. Remember when changing from a thick winter wetsuit to a thin summer suit you need to adjust that weightbelt.

For those who feel that they need more than a quick review with your buddy, Reef Encounters offers daily skills update and review dives just call us for a reservation. This summer is also the perfect time to upgrade your dive skills with a new dive certification, Reef Encounters is offering a full array of new certifications along with the traditonal classes. On the schedule for this summer are Drift Diver, DPV and Advanced DPV, Rescue and Advanced Rescue, Intro to Tech, Advanced Propulsion Techniques, Assistant Instructors and Instructor classes monthly.