If you happen to be up North in the Motobu or Nago area, you’ve got to check out Pizza in the Sky at least once. While the pizza and limited menu draw mixed reviews from the public, one thing cannot be denied: its hilltop location offers lovely views of the Okinawan landscape and East China Sea.

There’s a fair amount of tables both indoor and outdoor, but the place was so popular on the Saturday we went, that we did have to wait a good while on one of their benches overlooking the Okinawa vista. Once seated, our server presented us with the menus, which were paper fans listing a menu item in each fold—Japanese on one side, and English on the other.

People seem to be very opinionated about the pizza. The crust is slightly thick, with a little bit of chew to it, and there’s lots of gooey cheese on top, which we liked, but others didn’t care for, due to the flavor or the amount. A small, 7 inch pizza (¥1100) and a medium, 16 inch pizza (¥2100) are available. Toppings include pepperoni, bacon, onion, corn, and green pepper, and the price doesn’t change based on the number of toppings you order.

Aside from pizza, we enjoyed the house salad (¥500), a good sized bowl of lettuce, red onions, shredded carrot, cucumbers, and corn in a light, tangy vinaigrette. One bowl was enough for two or three people. Several freshly squeezed juices (¥400), including orange and guava, are also offered, and are quite refreshing, but seem a little steep in price for the half glass offered, so keep that in mind. For dessert, we all shared chunks of mango in a sweet syrup (¥500). Some of the chunks were still frozen in the middle, which were a little too chilly for when we went, but would be refreshing on a summer day.

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MON, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN  12:00 am – 7:00 pm

Pizza In The Sky

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