Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark

The final few breaths of the 2013 dive season are now upon us. Time to reflect on the great dives you had this year and continue enjoying the season as it progresses. Diving in the winter months as the ocean cools is still amazing. It’s time to invest in a thicker wetsuit or add a hooded vest to your summer suit and get back in the water. The winter season offers some of the best diving that Okinawa has and enjoying the cooler waters and unique sea life should be high on every diver’s list.

Our most unique dives will be coming up in January and February as they do every year. Starting the first of the year, humpback whales will be making their way into the waters surrounding Okinawa, and the schools of hammerhead sharks will be making their annual migration to Yonaguni island. Reef Encounters offers you the unique opportunity to swim with these gentle giants of the deep. The annual swim with whales tours will be starting in January and our first off island trip of the new year will be to dive with the hammerhead sharks and explore the ancient ruins of Yonaguni. Reservations and deposits for the Yonaguni trips are due soon so contact Reef Encounters now to ensure you have a seat on one of these once in a lifetime expeditions.

This is also a great time of year to increase your training level or even look at pursuing that professional level training that you have been thinking about. Reef Encounters will be offering specials on both Intro to Technical courses and all professional level courses to include Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor. Start your training now so you can be ready to teach your love of the ocean to new divers by the spring. Instructor training courses will be offered in February and March and contract instructors are needed for the upcoming season, so get your training started now.

Also our daily dives to the Kerama Islands and the surrounding dive sites of Okinawa continue year round so contact Reef Encounters for diving trips and boat dives to explore the underwater wonder of Okinawa.