Kouri island has been well renowned for its serene beaches, 2,000 meter long bridge, and its Kouri Island garlic shrimp. One thing that would never cross your mind to see on a remote island is, well – a tower. Kouri ocean tower is remarkably nestled nicely at the south east corner of this tiny island. Although officially it is classified as an observatory tower, Kouri ocean tower offers a lot more than just good serene views. The tower has other facilities and attractions that provide a fun filled day for the entire family.

One of the main popular attractions is the Shell museum. With more varieties than you would find on a one week long stroll along the beach, the museum not only showcases different types of shells and where to find them on island but also, explains the origin of the shell and why it is shaped in that certain way. Very interesting stuff. Oddly though, I think I enjoyed the gift shop more. I mean, how could you go to a museum and not stop by the gift shop right? The gift shop offers anything (and everything) shell related from jewelleries to lamps. Heck, they even have table top centrepieces (Not too tacky of course). Pass the gift shop, now it’s time to eat. The first restaurant you’ll see is the one you go to for actual eating as it has a more robust menu, whilst the second one is more of a café where you can have a light snack or even just coffee. Both have spectacular views, with good (not great) food. Finally, when you’ve had your fill, next stop is the actual observatory. With a beautiful 360 degree view of the island, there is a nice cool breeze at the top that just melts your stress away. There is also a giant bell which I am assuming you ring for good luck? Not sure so I rang it thrice just to be safe. The people standing beside me were not particularly happy about that. Of course saving the best for last, the ride to the top. While this is the first attraction you will encounter, I initially omitted on how to reach the top of the tower on purpose specifically for this reason. In my opinion, it’s the climax of the whole Kouri ocean tower experience. Without spoiling it too much, I’ll just say that it involves a golf cart. I was in shock and awe the whole journey to the top. That’s it, I’ve said too much!

Overall, this is simply an absolute must. Especially if you’ve already driven all the way to Kouri Island, it would be foolish not to at least swing by this unique facility. Entrance would cost you about 800 yen per adult but it’s totally worth it. Direction are super chill. Basically, look for the signs after you’ve cross the bridge and head towards the general direction of the tower. If you can’t spot the tower, I would say go have your eyes checked. Don’t forget to bring your nice camera for this one!

They accept yen, credit cards, and IC cards such as WAON and iD

Opening Hours

09:00am-6:00pm (Everyday)

Kouri Ocean Tower

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