Have a few hours to spare from your busy schedule? Why not learn a new skill! Okinawa has a plethora of activities on offer. Here are five to get you going. 

Speak Japanese

You can get by without learning the local language, but making the effort will allow you to interact more with your surroundings. Read signs, menus, order food and drinks, and make new friends! Kumon offer classes and correspondence courses starting at 8,400 yen a month. Find out more at http://www.kumon.ne.jp/jpn/english/course_class/

Learn a martial art

Okinawa is famous for being the origin of  Karate. However, there are lots of other disciplines available, allowing you to find one that suits you! The Capoeira Academy in Chatan offers classes in Capoeira, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, kids Martial Arts, and women’s only kickboxing. Check their website at capoeira-okinawa.com for more information.

Make pretty pottery

Pottery is an important part of Okinawa’s history and commerce. Why not give it a spin (sorry) yourself? The Naha Traditional Craft Center on Kokusai Street offers classes in pottery as well as other traditional crafts including glass blowing, Bingata dyeing, lacquerware, and more!

Surf ‘s Up!

Okinawa has some of the best water sports activities in the world, with diving being one of its most popular. If you aren’t too keen on being far below the surface, why not embrace the waves and take up surfing? Happy Surfing Okinawa can offer lessons and locations to catch the perfect break. Lessons are 10,000 yen per person (also accepts dollar). If surfing seems too daunting, they also offer paddle board tours for the same price, and have a 7 person guest house if you wish to make a weekend of it! More info on their website at happysurfingokinawa.com.

Snap Happy

It’s no secret that Okinawa is photogenic. Get beyond the ‘auto’ function on that fancy camera with a workshop from one of the island’s best professional photographers. Pete Leong offers lessons on all sorts of snap-related topics, in both Japanese and English. More info (plus galleries of his incredible work) can be seen on his website at fotoshisa.com.

Written by Louise Dupuy

Edited & Designed by Melissa Nazario

Learn A New Skill - The Total Okinawa Guide

Learn A New Skill – The Total Okinawa Guide