Okinawa isn’t just one awesome island, it’s an archipelago, with many hidden gems waiting to be discovered! Here are our top five picks of Okinawa’s outlying islands, and their highlights.

Kouri – Read our Kouri review here

Heart Rocks beach: Perfect place for a romantic date.
Kouri Ocean Tower: Get a fantastic 360° view of the island.
Kouri Island Bridge: Enjoy a leisurely drive over the crystal waters surrounding Kouri.

Hamahiga – Read our Hamahiga review here

Shirumichu Shrine: Pay homage to the first Gods of the Ryukyus and pray for fertility.
Kakigori and the hidden beach: Cool off with delicious shaved ice and soak up the peace and tranquility of the beach behind.
Amamichu’s Grave: Visit the alleged grave of the first God of the Ryukyus.

Sesoko – Read our Sesoko review here

Sesoko Beach Marine Club: Enjoy the ocean with marine activity.
Fuu Cafe: Get away from the hustle and bustle and relax with an international coffee.
Anchi-hama Beach: Dip your toes in the crystal waters lapping this small but beautiful beach.

Zamami – Read our Zamai review here

Ama campsite: Camp out amongst nature and enjoy one of the world’s best snorkeling sites.
Marilyn and Shiro statues: visit one of Japan’s best love stories; a pair of little dogs who swam oceans to be together.
Furuzamami Beach: Snorkeling, stunning oceans, and delicious food.

Senaga – Read our Senaga review here

Plane spotting: combine a relaxing day on the beach with a great view of aircraft flying into and out of Naha International Airport.
Kijimuna: Fill up on an Okinawa favorite, taco rice!
Ryujin Onsen: unwind in Senagajima’s premier onsen (tattooed guests prohibited).

5 Must See Okinawa Islands

5 Must See Okinawa Islands