Senaga is easily reached by road, only a short drive from the Naha. Head south on 58 towards Itoman, and follow signs from there to Senaga. When you get on the island, take a left just past the marina, and follow the road round for plenty of parking. There’s also limited parking straight ahead.

Shop until you drop

Umikaji terrace is a multi-level shopping and dining area overlooking the ocean. It’s very Spanish in its design, with bright white buildings and lots of lounge areas to sit and enjoy the view. Umikaji is the best place on Senaga to eat, limitless variety and something for every palate. I particularly enjoyed Kijimuna, a taco rice restaurant (though they do have other choices). I liked the sausage platter they had on offer, find it at store 28, three levels up. There are also some boutique shops if you’re looking for a locally made craft as a souvenir.

Stay and relax

Senaga is also home to a hotel and onsen; Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel and Ryujin Hot Spring of Senaga is perfect for a luxury getaway. The hot spring is open to the public as well as guests, and prices start at 1,330 yen per adult on weekdays, and 1,540 yen on weekends and public holidays. The rules for entry are typical of most onsen, in that guests with tattoos may not be permitted. Other facilities include a pool, spa, dining, free parking, and free wifi. It has incredible views of the ocean, too. Check it out on for prices.

Become an “avgeek” 

Not familiar with the term? It’s a shortened version of the name “aviation geek” and refers to people who enjoy watching planes take off and land. Senaga is beneath Naha International Airport’s flight line, making it a great spot to watch air traffic come and go. Whilst the best place for taking photos of the planes may be along the road leading into Senaga, you can also get a great view from Senaga Beach, Umikaji Terrace, and Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel! My favourite spot is the beach, as it allows you to relax and enjoy the soft sand, as well as marvel at just how busy Naha Airport is!

Sand and salt air

As previously mentioned, there is of course a beach on Senaga. It’s called Senaga Beach, and whilst it is pretty, it isn’t as large or as impressive as beaches elsewhere in the archipelago. However, it does have a nice outlook, and the waters lapping its shores are clean. You can explore rock pools when the tide is out, and you can catch the air traffic as you soak up the sun.

Find a new hobby on Senaga!

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