Let’s say you're at the beach. White sands, cool breeze, dog spectacularly catching a frisbee mid-air in front of you. Cheering teenagers who just dunked a basketball on your left, and small kids making sand castles on your right. With the sunset nearing the horizon, you smell freshly cooked BBQ and beer at the back.

Sound too good to be true? Head down to Araha beach and make it a reality!

Running path to success!

Araha beach is one of the most versatile beaches anyone could ask for on island. First off, the beach is nice. Ample space with white sands and not a lot of sharp rocks which is wonders for your feet. It also shares its area with a public park so it has nice jogging routes, basketball courts, playgrounds (including a zipline), and stretching equipment. I usually use the back stretcher apparatus which is basically a bench with the back rest shaped like an upside down “U” with little protruding lumps to provide additional massage effect. It really does wonders for your back. My only peeve is that the old lady out for her daily power walk gives me the stink eye for hogging up the machine. Sorry grandma but you’re not the only one with backaches and I just got here. Please wait for your turn. Sporty tip: if you get there early enough, you just might be able to join one of those free Yoga on the beach sessions I see people do. The beach serves as most of the ocean view of a lot of the restaurants in the area so it’s also a perfect place to go grab a bite after a good sweat.


On a typical sunny day, the number of beach goers are about average so I would say it's never too crowded. If your objective is to get a good quiet social distanced work out, you might want to get there early. Parking is ample (and FREE!). Don't forget to check out their wooden ship and fountain display!

Location Name: Araha Beach

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/wtazLqfMEZd9EubL7

Tel#: 098-936-0077

Website: None

Free of Charge

Opening Hours: Doesn’t close but parking is up to 10:00pm