Sesoko is pretty easy to find; follow Highway 58 to Nago, and take the turn to Motobu, along Highway 449. Follow this down to Highway 172, and over the Sesoko bridge (it’s easy to spot, don’t worry!). Marvel at the juxtaposition of port industry and rich greenery as you pass over, and of course don’t miss the beauty of the ocean!

Beach life

Possibly the best part of Sesoko is its beaches! My favorite is Anchi-hama, a smaller, less touristy beach. To find it, take an immediate left after you cross the bridge. There’s a small parking area at the top (recommended if your car isn’t good on rough surfaces), or you can try to park closer. Either way, head down the slope and into peace and tranquility. The water is pretty clear, great for dipping your feet in! You might also be lucky enough to spot a sea cucumber or two lazing about in the shallows. There’s lots of washed up coral here too, great if you like to collect shells and unusual shapes! Watch out for the little hermit crabs, they can be quite feisty! Pack your camera for some great shots of the ocean, the bridge, and the port area.

Hidden cafe

Hungry? There’s plenty of places on Sesoko, with the pizza restaurant being a firm favorite, however, I implore you to give Fuu Cafe a try instead. Nestled down a little side road, Fuu Cafe is an ideal escape from the heat and tourist traps! They have a modest food menu consisting of pizza, pasta specials, lunch specials, caviar salad, sandwiches, and cake. The drinks menu is amazing. They have a generous coffee selection, including daily roasts from around the world, as well as fruit juices (all made fresh), sodas, and a tea selection. On my visit, I opted for an apple cinnamon chai, which had subtle undertones of apple and cinnamon, and all the warmth and spice you’d expect from a chai. If the weather is nice, a spot outside is recommended; they have seating all over the garden, and a hammock, it’s a wonderful place to unwind and relax.

Island adventure

Sesoko Beach is the main beach of Sesoko, and popular with tourists. It has a great view and plenty of activities. Check out Sesoko Beach Marine Club for diving, snorkeling, jet skis, parasailing, and more! Best to call first for prices and reservations on 098-047-7433.

Enjoy the beauty and charm of Sesoko!

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