Okinawa Sea Life

Okinawa Sea Life

As typhoon season starts to wrap up,  we return to calmer waters for the next few months, while the water is still warm and the diving is some of the best seen in Okinawa year round.  October and November usually give us calm seas to enjoy diving before the colder weather of winter really kicks in.

Now is the time of year to rack up that dive count and enjoy the water and explore the islands around Okinawa.  A common question we see from newer divers is, should I just get out and dive more or should I take more classes?  Do I really need to have all these specialty courses and will they make me a better diver?

To answer these questions, there is a proper mix of classes and diving that will increase your diving ability and comfort.  Many of the specialties offered such as boat diver and night diver are generally a complete waste of time and money and will do nothing to increase your diving ability.  You are better off just booking a boat dive or tagging along with some experienced buddies on a night dive.   Other classes such as rescue diver will do wonders for your diving and comfort level.  Nitrox diver will allow you to extend your time underwater and serves as good start into more advanced levels of diving.

If you have particular issues with your diving, such as using your air too quickly or poor buoyancy control than a class to specifically address these issues with a dive pro is a great idea.  A key point here though, is that good buoyancy control should have been taught to you in your basic class so if that is the problem changing instructors may be in order.  The most important thing is to meet with your instructor before committing to the course and ensure that your particular problems and training goals will be addressed.  Custom classes and training schedules can be arranged with the dive pros at Reef Encounters to suit any schedule or diving goal.  Whether your diving aims include being an instructor,  exploring the deep wrecks on decompression dives or just getting more comfortable on your reef dives at Sunabe seawall the pros at Reef Encounters can develop a training plan and class to meet your needs.

Remember you learn to dive by diving so getting out and enjoying the ocean is the most important part of your development as a diver.  The more you dive the more you will enjoy it!!