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Naha’s Premier Russian Restaurant

Located a block away from Kokusai Street near the Naha bus terminal, Perestroika has been offering up authentic Russian cuisine since 2007. With it’s phenomenal food, charming atmosphere, and friendly staff, I hope it’s around for many more years to come.What I love about Perestroika is it’s charm. Owner Elena and staff make you feel welcome, as if you’re guests in their home. There’s a lot to see as you wait for food, including colorful murals inside and outside the restaurant, cute Russian décor on the tables, and Russian dance and music concerts on two TVs. I have yet to try a dish at Perestroika I don’t like. The restaurant’s borscht, a red broth made from beets and other vegetables, is subtle, yet full of warmth and flavor. It pairs well with pirozhka—a soft, bready dumpling filled with minced meat and cabbage. Both borscht and pirozhka are included in Perestroika’s three courses, which are different dinner sets offering significant savings if you want to sample several items.

Russian food is hard to explain to those who haven’t tried it. The ingredients are familiar to Western palates, yet their combinations and preparations, such as plums and apples wrapped in tender beef, make them exciting to try. Evgeny, who was the chef at the most famous restaurant in Vladivostok, prepares all the dishes, and his attention to detail and flavor combinations make even the simplest potato salad delicious. My favorite dish is miyaso-po-ribatski, a baked pork dish topped with scallops, tomatoes, onions, and a layer of melty cheese. The dish seems small, but once you taste the flavors of savory pork, acidic tomato, and creamy cheese, it’s quite satisfying. Try to save room for dessert, as these are made fresh, and worth the extra calories. The Napoleon consisted of pastry layers dense enough to require a knife to cut through. Combined with nuts, syrup, powdered sugar, and bright, lemony flavor, it’s distinct and delicious.

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Russian Restaurant Perestroika (Closed)

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