Scuba Diver in Okinawa Waters

Scuba Diver in Okinawa Waters

The dive season is now in full swing in Okinawa. The calm, warm days of summer are here! It’s time to put the thick wetsuits away and enjoy the sun and warm water. The summer months bring the warm southerly breezes and calm waters that all divers look forward to all summer. This weather pattern brings calm waters to all the best dive sites on the main island of Okinawa and makes the Kerama and outer islands accessible by boat on an almost daily basis. As the days get longer this will also enable those late afternoon dives after work with plenty of light available. Now is the time to fully enjoy all that the amazing, azure waters or Okinawa have to offer.

Reef Encounters has some amazing things in store for the divers on Okinawa this year. We will be offering more trips and dives to more out of the way places both on Okinawa and around the world for divers to enjoy. Trips this year will include: Yoron island wreck diving, Raj Ampat, Chuuk Lagoon, Africa diving and safari, Yonaguni shark and ruins diving, Kume island and of course our daily Kerama and Onna boat trips. Contact us for more information on all these trips or follow us on facebook at: Reef Encounters Dive Team ( These trips and many more will offer exciting new dives to test your skills and explore new and exciting underwater destinations.

On the training front Reef Encounters is pleased to finally announce the arrival of helium based diving on Okinawa. After years of work we will be offering the full complement of tech diving courses on Okinawa without the need to travel off island to complete the final dives due to lack of appropriate deco and bottom mixes being available on island. As the final pieces of gear arrive we are planning to be up and running by late June for trimix and other gases. This will open up the deep reefs for safe exploration without the dangers of diving deep air. If you would like to be properly trained to dive deep consult the professionals at Reef Encounters to arrange your classes today.

Reef Encounters is also pleased to announce the addition of two new instructors to the Reef Encounters staff to allow for more training opportunities and classes for divers. A full range of training classes and specialty courses are offered please contact our staff for details. Our professional training program is also kicking into high gear with divemaster, instructor and instructor trainer courses being put on the schedule monthly for those looking to make their hobby their career. Classes can be taught in a variety of languages with native English, Japanese and Polish speakers available. Contact us to schedule your training or trips today!