Okinawa Typhoon Website Resources

In the spirit of the Typhoon Season, we thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of Okinawa typhoon websites that are very useful while in Okinawa, Japan.

1. – This typhoon site is unique in that it compiles all the other typhoon agencies information into one very useful typhoon information center.  Definitely one of the best resources for typhoon information.

2. – This is the Japan Meteorological Agency English typhoon site.  They do a great job presenting the track of the typhoon in their maps.  In addition they use local time which makes is easy to understand.

3. – These guys are great. I love how they color coat the typhoons depending on the category.  Check out their wundermap – Somehow they combine Google maps with the typhoon track!  Great info for typhoons.

4. – This site is interesting and has some really interesting satellite images of the typhoons.  First you need to find the West Pacific area and click on the typhoon name. Once you are on the typhoon page click on some of the satellite images to get the full view of the typhoon.

5. – This site is very easy to use and understand. Color coated typhoon tracks and brief explanations. Simple is good.

6. – Our friends at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii. Aside from Zulu time and 6 hours between typhoon updates, they can be somewhat useful.

7. – Wow, that’s a long address! Check the waves around Okinawa with this site.

8. – and of course the local typhoon conditions.

9. – Really well designed website and app that shows current and predicted wind conditions. Great to install on your keitai!

We hope this listing is useful to you and your families. If you would like to add to this list, please feel free to post a comment.