This business has now closed. The review is kept here for archival. 

A hidden gem with a spectacular burger!

Tucked away on a corner in Tomigusuku is an international cafe with a spectacular burger. For those of you who like burgers and other western food Woody’s International Deli-Cafe & Grill is a hidden gem. It’s entrance is cozy and offers outside seating in the shade with a rustic forest kind of allure. Inside the theme continues, almost transporting me back home to the forest theme restaurants of my youth. The wood floor, animal trophies and pictures give it an overall comforting atmosphere making it easy to enjoy a meal. Not to mention the inside seating is cooled by sweet sweet air conditioning.

Now, I was worried the food wouldn’t live up to my standards, especially the burger. Their lunch menu offers mainly different kinds of burgers and pasta. Though, they also have a chicken sandwich too. Now, I have to say I was taken aback by the quality of the burger. I ordered the BBQ Blue Cheese and couldn’t be happier with that decision. The bun was lightly toasted giving it a soft crunch complimenting the soft Angus burger patty inside. The mix of cheese lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce made it a heavenly lunch. The meal also came with fries. They had the perfect crunchiness but were fairly small in portion size.

The upsides to this cafe are definitely its staff, the quality of the food and on site parking. The downsides were small portion of fries (which I’m sure helps to fend off an extra layer to my beer belly but leaves me wanting more), and the grease which pools out of the backside of the burger (though they do warn you and give you a cool paper contraption to catch the grease while you eat the burger).

Overall I’d recommend at least one trip to Woody’s International Deli-Cafe & Grill, especially if you are a burger lover!

They accept credit cards and Yen though they are hoping to add dollars in the near future.

Closed Monday and open for lunch from 11:30 – 16:30 and dinner from 17:30 to 23:00

(Open til midnight on Fri & Sat, Last order is 30 minutes before closing at lunch and 1 hour at dinner)