This winter season the Suriyun restaurant has a special buffet set up for all guests and visitors: “The Lunch Buffet Taste of Winter” with its specialty, “All-You-Can-Eat-Steamed Crab.” This great seasonal theme started in November 2018 and is still up until end of February 2019 and will be followed by the next food adventure of Spring 2019. Along with plates of steamed chilled grab, the buffet offers a variety of Western and Asian cuisine. You can start with the fresh salat and work your way to the hot noodle dishes, the sweet duck and fried soba bowls, roast beef, rice, soups, cakes and sweets. I enjoyed the flavourful duck the most, since it is rare for me to eat it. The soba and the fried noodles had a surprising round and well seasoned flavour, too. I am usually expecting a rather light soba taste, but the Suriyun’s noodles are “honto ni oishii.”

The crab is the highlight. The legs taste so fresh and juicy, you can’t stop getting more. It takes a little work to get to the meat, but the cooks crack the legs before putting it out and provide thin forks to separate shell from meat.

A specialty at the Suriyun is the home made cold stone ice cream and frozen yoghurt. Just tell the chef what kind of fruits or sweets you want in your ice cream and he prepares it right in front of you. Enjoy the chocolate fountain, hot coffee or delicious juice as an after meal treat as well. The Hilton also offers a pretty view out towards the ocean and has seating right on the balcony for all who want to dine outdoors. The lunch buffet costs 2400Yen for adults and 1600Yen for kids. Probably not a prize you easily spend on a meal but it is worth it to enjoy the crab and tasty foods in a high end hotel atmosphere. Please try it out and enjoy!