If you don’t like screeching away in a public bar with the whole world looking on, then a karaoke box may be the place to go!

Big Echo Karaoke is located close to the American Village in Chatan. The best thing about karaoke in Japan is that unlike Western Karaoke you get a box to yourself and you can screech in private! Karaoke boxes basically have their own karaoke system, sofas or chairs, air-conditioning and a phone to order supplies of drinks and food!

Big Echo does have some English speaking staff but it helps if someone speaks some Japanese as the Karaoke machines are in Japanese. They are not too difficult to work out though and they do have thousands of English songs to chose from. Great for letting loose some stress after works or for a girls or guys night out – What happens in the karaoke box stays in the karaoke box!

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  1:00 pm -5:00 am

Big Echo

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