Frodo could have simply thrown the ring in to one of their ramens and saved himself to a traitorous journey to Mordor. However, one does not simply walk in to Ramen Gadou! – Without being mentally prepared of course. As the name suggests, “Gadou” literally translates to “selfishly my way” which is probably why they make their own spiciest ramen on island without a care in the world. You’ll see what I mean below.

I did not dare order it (as I do not have a death wish) but obviously I have to mention their number 1 menu item: the spicy volcano noodles. As indicated in the picture, the soup is on fire so that kind of gives you a hint on what it’s about. It’s also translated in 4 different languages but retains the “EXTREME” in all caps so you know they are not playing around. I ordered the much milder regular original noodles which were simple but delicious. Obviously, it had a flavorful broth with slightly being on the softer side in terms of noodle texture. All wonderful stuff. For the toppings, they have all the typical stuff such as a hard-boiled egg, seaweed, cheese, green onions, wait what…? CHEESE?! Seriously? I am a bit skeptical about how it would taste but I suppose I can give them points for creativity. Somebody more adventurous than me please try it and let me know, yeah? Price wise, I would say reasonable at 800-1000 yen per bowl/set. Typical ramen price I suppose.

All in all, I think this place is good for a new experience. Each time you visit, you could probably try a different type or spicy level ramen on the menu. Perfect for after party noodles with your buddies or showing some new folks to the island for something new and exciting. For directions, as usual, head toward the Chatan Ferris Wheel and enter the giant parking lot across from the AEON. Gadou Ramen is across the street from the parking as you enter through the mini bridge parking entrance.

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Mon – Sun (Closed Thursday) :  11:00 to 21:30

Gadou Ramen

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