A short walk from American Village sits an unassuming ramen shop. The exterior is fairly typical, it looks like many other ramen shop, but it holds within its walls a tantalizing experience.

Inside, it’s clean and simple. To your left as you enter, you will see a vending machine. Order your food here by loading money first (yen cash or card is accepted), and selecting what you wish to eat. Each item is numbered, and the name is in Japanese and English. Each item you select will print a ticket. Give this to the chef, and sit either at the bar, a western style table, or low Japanese style seating. Staff are welcoming and friendly, and speak some English.

The question is, what to choose? Let’s start with what Gadou is best known for. Their volcano ramen. Spice levels on this go from 1-100, about comparable to Coco’s 1-10 scale in terms of spiciness. When it’s presented, the noodles, meat, vegetables, and egg all sit dry in a bowl that rests on a skillet (so be careful not to touch it!), and the sauce sits in a dish to the side. Pour it on slowly, and watch as it sizzles and bubbles, like the lava from an active volcano. It’s mesmerizing to watch, and the smell is incredible. Feeling brave? Gadou has a spice challenge, with levels from 200-1000!

If you finish it, you get vouchers to spend in shop, plus your picture on their “Hall Of Fame” wall. Other dishes available that I recommend trying are the soy sauce ramen, which has a rich, hearty flavor, and the gyoza, which taste even better dipped in the volcano sauce. To drink, water is free, or you can purchase soft drinks, tea, and beer.

Gadou is very affordable, with some dishes starting as low as 350 yen. They are open daily from 11.00am to 3.00pm, and 5.00pm to 10.00pm (varies on national holidays). Limited parking (not good for large vehicles), but close to Mihama public car park.

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun  :  11:00 to 22:00

Gadou Ramen

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