The wonderful Ikei island

Oodomari beach lifeguard tower and beach view

Everyone who has been on this island long enough has visited or at least heard of the wonderful Ikei Island. Ikei Island is surrounded in such beauty that it has spawned an endless number of commercial beaches all competing for your everlasting enjoyment experience. To be honest, Oodomari beach is so delightful that I almost did not want to write about it to share. It is my precious! Nevertheless, doing so would be a crime against nature. Hence, with umbrage, I will proceed.

Oodomari beach shop

Oodomari beach is probably one of the crème de la crème of beaches located in Ikei Island. This place is so hidden that it took us four passes to finally find it. Not only that, to our surprise, upon arrival they charged us immediately even before we were allowed to enter the premises. We were not even sure if this was the beach we wanted to go to and yet a man stood outside my car asking for 500 yen per person. A petty gamble, yet a gamble nonetheless. After a quick U-turn and a brief discussion with the group, we decided to go for it and try the beach out. My reaction in one word: pure absolute astonishment beyond imaginable belief of the spectacular beauty set before me (Okay that was more than one word). But that is how surprisingly beautiful it was.

Usually before reaching this beach, we would pass by about three others and end up going to one of them. A mistake I am sure many of us have made. Who would have thought that there is a nicer beach by 10 folds just a couple of minute drive farther? The appeal of this beach is that since it’s located rather hidden, the amount of swimmers you would get are fewer than average. The sand is soft and the beach is cleared of jagged stones enough to be able to walk barefoot. They also have plentiful beds of corals located close to shore and deep enough that I could enjoy the snorkeling without needing to swim very far. The support facility is complete with parking, showers, changing rooms, rental of water activity gear, and even allows rental of BBQ set and dining tables. The beach is netted and has a manned life guard so you can let your kids enjoy the water in peace.

Banded Butterflyfish

Although a bit farther compared to the other beaches, it is worth the extra drive. To get there, head towards Ikei Island and after you passed about two beaches, keep your eyes peeled for a billboard that says Ootomari Beach on your right. It will direct you to a left turn to a skinny road where you will pass some crops and Japanese graves. Continue to follow the signs until you start to head down an almost one way rough road where you will see a man waving at you at a distance which is their parking entrance. Don’t forget your sunblock!

They accept yen only (for parking, gear rentals, and food)

Opening Hours

9:00am – 6pm everyday

Oodomari Beach

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