Experience the history of the Ryukyu kingdom

Whether you live in Okinawa or pass through on your travels, you want to soak everything in. You can take hours, days and weeks to take in this stunning island and still not have seen everything. Even long term residents on island are still out on adventures, looking for the secrets of Okinawa.

The other week my friends and I finally decided to visit Shuri Castle, the attraction most tourists usually visit on their trips here. I had seen pictures and heard reports but going there myself, really left a deep impression.

Have you ever wondered what Okinawa was like before it became a part of Japan? When it was its own kingdom in the 15th to the 19th hundreds? The castle park of Shurijo with the traditional Ryukyu palace tells the story.

The castle on top of the mountain in Shuri was actually destroyed in World War II but the monument was built 70cm above the ruins to preserve the original stone. You can visit the admission free area outside to enjoy nature and the unique Ryukyu buildings and gates or join the tour through the traditional Ryuyku buildings with their deep red roof tops and golden designs.

Inside the castle you can experience the beautiful inner gardens of the Ryukyu rulers, the private chambers of the kings and the royal throne room. Here Okinawa comes alive and gives the visitors a glimpse of the society that used to rule over the tropical islands.

Alongside with learning about history, enjoying an incredible view over modern Naha you can also sit and relax at the restaurant or stroll through the lush gardens, visit the old gates of the park and buy Oimyage in the gift shops to remind you of your visit here at Shurijo Castle Park.

Admission for the Tour: 820Yen for adults, students and big groups can get discounts. Children under 5 years can visit for free. Only Yen is accepted but you can pray with credit card at the ticket counter.


Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  8:30 am – 7:00 pm

Shurijo Castle

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Shurijo Castle