Seize the Day Sign

Seize the Day Sign

Living in Okinawa, it’s no surprise that you are surrounded with beautiful sights, gorgeous weather and plenty of culture to take in. Many of us have goals we want to accomplish or improvements we want to make in our lives while living here in Okinawa.  Your time is NOW! After reading this article there is no reason you shouldn’t have the motivation and resources to be the TOTAL YOU.  What is a total person? What do they look like? Well, a total person is any individual that is self-content and sufficient as well as happy with life because they are moving in the right direction. Every individual has their own goals and journey in life and only you can define what that is… for you.

To become the total you, have an honest conversation with yourself and ask some serious questions, what are your goals? What are you most happy with living here on the island? How can you be a better person? When it comes to health and fitness there are MANY opportunities to get involved and get in shape, when it’s time to relax, Okinawa has that covered! Looking to eat healthy? You’re living in the right place. Need an extra push to get your mojo back? There are life coaches ready to help you. Total Okinawa is here to help you locate the BEST that the island has to offer! First thing that must be done is change your thought process! Change the way you view your surroundings, your mistakes and your future. Instead of looking at circumstances and situations as a negative turn those thoughts around to your benefit. This island is magical and it’s here to help you reach the next level in your life!

Your dreams begins with YOU! A great attitude, expressing gratitude for what you already have, moving forward in your life by removing toxic people can assist you in being a total person! Take advantage of the resources Total Okinawa offers as well as services offered in Okinawa, they are all here for your benefit! See you next issue!

T. Denise Manning, Certifed Life Coach, founder/owner of Imagine Potential Life strategies firm, joined the total Okinawa Team June 2014 and will be writing our “ total you” section that highlights, inspires and encourages our readers to be the best they can be by utilizing okinawa’s services and resources! Want your health, fitness, beauty or wellness business featured? Contact Ms. Denise today! [email protected]